Rising Stars on YouTube

Rising Stars on YouTube

It seems like the only way to get famous these days is to be an active user of the internet. The times when you could only be discovered as a musician in clubs or bars is long gone.

Nowadays, dancing like a complete nutjob on the streets of a South Korean suburb will attract about 30 million people,

on YouTube alone!! So it obviously doesn’t take much to satisfy people with a decent internet connection these days. In times of the “cinnamon challenge” or “zombie babies in a stroller”, true skills or talent has become irrelevant, at least at first glance!
As soon as you’re past Justin Bieber’s latest drug abuse on TMZ and  angry conservative vloggers complaining about President Obama, you will get to the talent section of YouTube, where there are mostly talented musicians or creative thinkers.

Like the ones we’ve found! All of them are musicians, they’re all under 18 and they all have voices that American Idol could only wish for. In fact, we were so inspired by their work , that we’ve decided to write this short article so you can enjoy as well! By the way, here at the Munich Globe, we’re huge fans as well!

Instead of writing  about them, we thought the best way to experience their musical talent is by listening to their songs! So here they are:

Daniel – Happy
Domink – Story of my life
Jordan – Dark Horse

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